Ultrasound Probe Repair

With more than 160,000 successful ultrasound probe repairs and 30+ years of experience, we have unparalleled insight, capabilities, and data to keep your equipment up and running at every stage of the life-cycle. In addition, we have an extensive loaner inventory to assure you and your patients don’t miss a beat.


Using proprietary processes developed over 30+ years, our seasoned technicians, engineers, and scientists provide unmatched manufacturing knowledge to the repair processes that help you extend the life of your devices and quality of diagnostic procedures. We address your facility's needs with a mindset dedicated to maintaining the best possible performance and safety of your equipment.

What does this all mean? Safety, efficacy and long-term value for all your needs, including:

  • Repair or replacement of the acoustic array
  • Repair or full-replacement of cables
  • Full re-wiring and component replacement
  • Electronic repair
  • Housing replacement

Services That Set Us Apart

Loaners and Capabilities

See a list of models on which we've focused our capabilities and loaners inventory

Maintain Your Workflow

TotalRepair Solutions

Know, upfront, that your probe model is 100% repairable. In 2009, we pioneered "swap at the repair price"

Yes We Can

RapidRepair Solutions

Repair your Philips X7-2t or X8-2t in as quick as 3-days at no extra charge

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  • ISO 13485:2016 Certified Quality Management System
  • The ONLY repair provider to offer a 12-Month warranty period on ALL standard probes
  • 6-Month warranty period on 3D and TEE probes
  • Comprehensive diagnostic assessments designed from customer input

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