Innovatus Imaging is the ISO-13485:2016 certified preferred provider for best-in-class repair services for medical imaging products. The company’s expertise spans the entire device lifecycle – from design, development, manufacturing to sales, distribution, and repair. With a legacy spanning over 30 years and having repaired more than 160,000 ultrasound probes and 30,000+ MRI coils, the company has accumulated tremendous amounts of data which serves as a massive knowledge base for continual improvement. The company has an FDA-registered site for the design and manufacturing of ultrasound transducers and related products. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Innovatus Imaging also maintains Centers of Excellence in Tulsa, OK and Denver, CO.

Dave Johnson Headshot

Chief Executive Officer

Dave Johnson joined Innovatus Imaging as CEO in August 2019 after serving as a member of the Board of Directors since October 2018.  He most recently served as CEO of Joerns Healthcare, a medical products and services company targeting post-acute care needs. In his various role, he has led multi-national services for global brands operating in North/South America, Europe and Asia, and has managed more than 3,000 employees across 12 international locations. Dave brings more than 20 years of demonstrated leadership and tangible results to the Innovatus Imaging team. Throughout his career, Johnson has led the transformation of rapidly growing business units and companies by creating customer-focused organizations and leading them to revenue growth and operational excellence.
Mike LaBree Headshot

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Mike began his ultrasound career at Tetrad Corporation in the mid 1990s, overseeing the design and release to manufacturing of dozens of specialty ultrasound probes and transducers. Most recently, he co-founded MDMedTech, which designs and manufactures specialty medical ultrasound products for OEM’s, third-party repair and research markets. He was the architect of the ultrasound transducer design and manufacturing processes at its Denver facility, establishing processes specifically directed toward rapid development of specialty ultrasound products, with a world-class and thorough design control process.

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Tabitha provides forward-looking financial planning in order to drive additional profitability and value to Innovatus Imaging and its investors. Tabitha joined Innovatus in 2017 and has served as Controller and Chief Accounting Officer prior to her tenure as CFO. Her experience as Controller spans multiple organizations such as Thorco Holdings, Young Oil Tools, and Audubon Companies. She earned her Bachelors and Master of Science in Accounting from Oklahoma State University and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant.
Dennis Wulf Headshot

Chairman and Co-Founder

Dennis has more than 35 years of experience working with medical devices specializing in ultrasound. He was the owner and president of Tulsa-based Wetsco, a leading third-party ultrasound probe repair provider specializing in repair and capability development on standard, TEE and 3D/4D probes. Wetsco had an exclusive agreement with Bayer Multi Vendor Service since 2008. Dennis also co-founded MD Medtech, with CTO Mike Labree, and together, the 3 companies formed Innovatus Imaging. Dennis has led successful development of ultrasound imaging of metals and composites using medical ultrasound hardware with proprietary software and unique probe designs.
Les Edsall Headshot

Director of Quality and Regulatory and General Manager, MRI Center of Excellence

Les is responsible for directing and managing the development, implementation and continual improvement of the Innovatus quality management system and leads efforts associated with regulatory clearances and compliance including, but not limited to the FDA Quality System Regulations, European MDD, Health Canada requirements and ISO 13485 inclusive of all incident reporting and vigilance activities. He is a six sigma master black belt, has over 25 years experience in quality management and has been employed with global market leaders such as Abbott, Philips and Bayer.
Cam Conklin Headshot

Vice President, Business Development

Cam is responsible for Global Customer Experience and Partnerships and has more than 20 years leading savings and inventory management strategies for imaging devices. He has been with the Innovatus Imaging team since 1998. Throughout his career, Cam has held sales and marketing positions for MEDRAD and Bayer HealthCare. At Innovatus Imaging, he has been instrumental in building relationships with independent distributors and small to large health care facilities, leading facilities of all sizes to greater efficiencies and savings.

Matt Tomory Headshot

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

An industry veteran in the ultrasound community, Matt assists health care providers nationwide with strategic and investment planning for greater efficiencies for ultrasound transducer repair and maintenance. He has helped facilities of all sizes substantially lower operational costs by extending the life-cycle of standard and TEE probes through Innovatus Imaging’s proprietary repair and preventive processes. Matt is a frequent presenter at industry events nationwide.


Centers of Excellence have long been driving new developments in clinical healthcare protocols for oncology, orthopedics, neurology, pediatrics and so many more areas of healthcare. Despite the medical and procedural breakthroughs they achieve, these Centers that are advancing life changing and life-saving medical procedures rely on the information they get from testing methodologies, lab analytics, and the information they get from their imaging devices. In many cases, prescribing the right treatment that enhances and saves lives all starts with an ultrasound, MRI or radiography device, all of which require regular maintenance to assure clarity for clinicians making critical diagnoses.

Yet Centers of Excellence focusing on advancing breakthroughs in quality, longevity and efficiencies for servicing and repairing imaging devices to assure they operate as intended by their original manufacturers have not existed, until now.

Corporate Headquarters, Center of Excellence for MRI Coil Repair and Center of Excellence for Radiography Solutions
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Leveraging 30 years of manufacturing and repair expertise, the MRI Center of Excellence maintains a coveted 99% repair rate for all MRI coil makes, models, designs and field strengths. All activities are based on Innovatus’ proprietary engineering repair process ensuring all coils are returned to customers at performance levels equal to OEM equipment.

The Center of Excellence for Radiography Solutions provides imaging departments with support for all radiography needs including film printers, computed radiography, consulting services and a retrofit system for the transition to digital radiography. All products are backed by an industry-leading field service team proficient on Fuji, Agfa and Carestream systems, and maintains a 99% first-time fix rate with mobile inventory.

Pittsburgh Headquarters

Center of Excellence for Ultrasound Transducer Repair
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Innovatus Imaging Center of Excellence for Ultrasound Transducer Repair is founded on a 40-year heritage of leading the industry in quality processes, service and research, leveraging the expertise and vision of Dennis Wulf and Mike LaBree. The Center provides best-in-class repair services for all major probe models. Innovatus’ proprietary processes enable technicians to repair even “totaled” probes helping providers avoid costly exchanges and replacements. Currently, Innovatus offers full repair solutions on over 100 probe models through its TotalRepair program.

Center of Excellence for Design & Manufacturing
Denver, Colorado

Innovatus operates an engineering, testing, regulatory compliance and FDA registered contract manufacturing site. Design, development and testing of specialty products and ultrasound arrays take place in this facility in addition to quality and regulatory activity. Each year, millions of dollars are invested in research and testing to advance quality, new product development, and repair capabilities across Innovatus’ modalities of ultrasound, MRI and radiography. Beyond product repair, engineers are engaged in various R&D projects and partner with multiple OEM’s as well as top tier academic research institutions across the country.


Today, I attended the “Basics of Ultrasound” webinar presented by Ted Lucidi. I was fortunate to hear about this online event through the Georgia Biomedical Instrumentation Society and HTMA-Texas. Ted’s precise technical language and his relevant, high-quality illustrations immediately instilled in me a trust in his content expertise. I learned so much from his presentation that I requested an electronic copy for offline study. As an instructor myself, I appreciated Ted’s concise descriptions as well as his detailed explanations of the science of ultrasound and the technology that puts these advanced, lifesaving tools in the hands of our healthcare providers. My students will benefit from what I have learned from Mr. Lucidi.

Glen L. Stone
Instructor of Electronics & Biomedical Instrumentation, Central Georgia Technical College

“I have been using Innovatus somewhat heavily and I have been so impressed with the quality of service that I have received. From loaner availability, fast turnaround time, and sheer quality of repair, Innovatus has been truly proving themselves to be a leader in ultrasound probe repair in my eyes. Customer service has been absolutely top-notch as well. They are ALWAYS quick and detailed in their responses and have been an excellent resource for us. I can see that Innovatus takes pride in their work and their staff. Just wanted to say thank you and let you know that I appreciate all of the work that you do at Innovatus Imaging. I look forward to our continued business!”

Jack DelloStritto, CBET
WakeMed Health & Hospitals

"Dennis' webinar on "Practical Applications of ISO 13485" presented outstanding information and I hope that many of my peers are paying attention to Dennis' subject matter."

Chris Nowak
Senior Director,
Universal Health Services

“We use Innovatus Imaging because they have earned our trust. The quality, performance, customer satisfaction and long-term value is exponentially superior to other vendors we have tried. Utilizing Innovatus, we are confident our probe repairs meet OEM specifications, contain quality parts, and have gone through complete inspection processes before returning to us for use. Our own customer’s echo all of these findings. In their words, we only send a probe out once for repair.”

Brent Doyen
TriMedx Manager, Phoenix, AZ