Philips L12-3 ERGO

We just can’t keep it to ourselves! It’s good news for the HTM community, good news for your sonographers, but great news for your budget. The engineers in our Center of Excellence for Ultrasound Probe Repair recently released FULL REPAIR CAPABILITIES on the Philips L12-3 ERGO.

What Philips L12-3 ERGO repairs mean for you

Gone are high-cost OEM exchanges. Gone is searching for an after-market exchange. Innovatus can address your L12-3 Ergo failure through a qualified repair solution. Whether your probe only needs a minor repair to the lens or strain relief, a replacement cable fabricated, or a comprehensive repair of the acoustic array, we have a  solution for you.

What Philips L12-3 ERGO repairs mean for your customers and patients

Innovatus’ unique approach to repair enables us to restore safety, efficacy, and OEM intended design through comprehensive repair solutions engineered and qualified in our FDA registered Ultrasound Design and Manufacturing Center of Excellence.  Our fully internalized supply chain means that we can fully repair this model today, next month, and next year. And, it will be backed by the industry’s longest warranty period at 12-Months!

What Philips L12-3 ERGO repairs mean for your budget

With Innovatus, you’ve got options. We can repair and return your probe, or as always, you’re welcome to keep our finished-goods loaner at the cost of the repair, not the market exchange price. Either option is a win-win.  And, repair is always more cost-effective than replacement.

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Our Engineers Never Stop

Other recent updates to our list of fully repairable probe models include the Philips C10-3v, L12-3, L12-5 50mm, Fuji Sonosite L25x/13-6, and GE RIC5-9A-RS

Our Customer Care team is waiting to hear from you! Arrange for the repair of your Philips L12-3 ERGO today.

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