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Sign up below to enroll in our Exclusive Philips X7-2t RapidRepair Program which includes:

  • A ready to ship TEE probe box that can easily be stored at your workstation until needed
  • A pre-paid shipping label back to our Ultrasound Center of Excellence
  • A TEE probe tip protector which can be used on existing probes to protect the distal tip during transport
  • A 24 x 18 poster that outlines industry best practices for TEE probe care, handling, cleaning and storage tips from our proprietary process analysis that can help departments avoid bigger failures down the road

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Rapid Repair Kit

Innovatus Imaging's Ultrasound Center of Excellence is uniquely qualified to repair Philips X7-2t's due to our proprietary Evidence Based Repair methods. Our systems are set up in ways that enable us to operate like your personal Pit Crew to get your X7 back to you, in full form, in 3 – 5 days.

Because of our proven turn time via our exclusive RapidRepair process, you may not even need a loaner. However, if are you more comfortable having a loaner, we can certainly assist.

You can also have a guaranteed loaner by applying for our MyInventory program which establishes a Private or Preferred Loaner Pool just for you.

If you have an emergent need, please reach out to our team directly at 844-687-5100 and they can arrange for immediate service.

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