X5-1 Array

Innovatus Imaging engineers new repair solutions for the Philips X5-1

Innovatus Imaging’s Ultrasound Center of Excellence has recently expanded testing and repair capabilities on the Philips X5-1. Due to the technically advanced design of this probe model, failures usually result in high-cost aftermarket exchanges or replacements through the OEM, but No Longer!

We’ve invested significant R&D with this model which has resulted in maximum repair rates. Our engineers have designed proprietary test fixtures and new methodologies which allow us to isolate and interrogate the various components of the probe and we are currently able to address ALL repairable components within this model. And repairs start at just $500.

In the unlikely event that your probe has an array/ASIC failure that we’re unable to address, we can provide several extremely cost-effective solutions. Replace your probe with a factory NEW probe or a qualified, like-new, repaired probe…Your choice. Consider adding to your echo-cardiology fleet or complementing your current inventory by purchasing a new or repaired X5-1 at extremely competitive prices.

Whether repaired, exchanged or purchased outright, ALL probes are backed by the industry’s longest warranty period. For more information on the 100+ fully repairable probe models click here or the other 300+ on which we have significant repair capabilities click here. Contact our customer care team at 844-687-5100 or use the Live Chat window below to arrange for your repair today. And yes, we offer complementary loaners.

Ultrasound probe technology has significantly advanced over the last few years, so be sure to partner with a service provider who has advanced along with the technology you support. 

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