"I always come to Innovatus first for repairs. Quick response time. 99% of time have loaners. Jake and Josie are the greatest!"
Michael Reynolds, AdventHealth

"This is my first time using Innovatus for US probes and I must say I am impressed with your services. Quick turnaround, loaner availability, pricing, ease of process, all high marks from me! Thank you!"
David Kowal, Eastern Connecticut Health Network

"Thank you for getting my repair done so fast!", Regarding a 2-day turn-around.
John Nimmo, Imaging Eng. III, TRIMEDX

"Our own customers tell us, ‘We only send a probe out once for repair’."
TRIMEDX Site Manager

"Innovatus performs quality work. Repeat repairs are uncommon and they stand by their warranty. I would strongly recommend using this company for your ultrasound probe repairs."
Casey Mattson, Radiology Service Engineer, AdvocateHealth

“We use Innovatus because they have earned our trust. The quality, performance, customer satisfaction, and long-term value are exponentially superior to other vendors we have tried."
Brent Doyen, TRIMEDX Manager, Phoenix, AZ

“I really enjoy working with Innovatus. The whole process is very easy, and doesn't take much time."
Kaylyn Kennelly, BMET 2, TRIMEDX

“Always a great experience interacting with Innovatus' team. Probes are consistently diagnosed quickly and turn-around time is top-notch. Thank you!"
Andrew McGregor, Imaging Engineer II, TRIMEDX

“I appreciate the fact that Innovatus always seems to come thru every time we get ourselves into a jam."
Teodoro Tanori, Flagstaff Medical Center

Optimize Your Uptime and Budget

We don't just get a probe working again.
We restore OEM form, fit, function and intended design

We don't want to be your probe repair provider.
We'll be your partner

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Is your current provider a generalist or a specialist?
Is your current provider able to perform the same level of repair to the same model each time, every time?
How long has your current provider been repairing ultrasound probes?
How many probes has your current provider repaired?
Is your current provider FDA registered for probe manufacturing
Have you seen the inside of your current provider's facility?
Does your current provider utilize an ISO 13485:2016 certified Quality Management System?
Do the claims, that some providers make, sound too good to be true?

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