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Centers of Excellence Operate to Answer Questions That Lead to Innovative, Industry-Changing Solutions

Until now, no Centers of Excellence existed to focus specifically on improving efficiencies of ultrasound probe and MRI coil repair, radiography products and services, and transducer manufacturing.

At Innovatus Imaging, our driving question is, “What if we could extend the life of each imaging device by one year? Or more? What would that mean for operating budgets, ROI, and ability to do more for patients?

What would that mean for you and your team?

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The Difference “Excellence” Makes

Our repair processes are rooted in our manufacturing mindset, applying the same processes, technology
and testing to repair protocols as we do manufacturing.

Ultrasound Probe Repair

  • 30+ year heritage of research and development for best-in-class processes
  • More than 160,000 probes repaired
  • Full-repair capabilities on over 100+ ultrasound probe models
  • Proprietary testing rooted in probe design and manufacturing

MRI Coil Repair

  • Heritage of 25+ years of designing and manufacturing coils
  • More than 35,000 coils repaired
  • Full-repair capabilities on more than 800 MRI coil models
  • Full electrical analysis performed on every coil and the ability to restore mechanics and physical condition

Design & Manufacturing

  • FDA-registered contract manufacturing site
  • Engineering, testing, and regulatory compliance
  • Design, development and testing of specialty ultrasound probes and arrays

All facilities are ISO 13485:2016 Certified

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Excellence Transcends Services to “Service”

Beyond proven, proprietary processes that enable the industry's longest warranty periods, we continuously develop new programs to make your job easier. Here’s just a few of the exclusive advantages of partnering with Innovatus Imaging:
    • Capabilities on over 350 probe models and 800+ coil models
    • TotalRepair – our 100% guarantee on over 100 probe models
    • RapidRepair – Enhanced and efficient workflows designed to minimize downtime
    • Innovatus Imaging Mobile App – Instant access to our diagnostic processes and experts anywhere you have mobile service (Apple or Android), enabling you to meet meeting expectations 24/7, no matter where you are.

          Experience that spans the life cycle of imaging devices.
          Unparalleled results in device repair.
          A commitment to constant innovation.

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