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Ted Lucidi
Technical & Clinical Specialist
Pittsburgh, PA

You knew us as Bayer Multi Vendor Service, Wetsco and MD MedTech.  Now we are together as one – Innovatus Imaging.  We design, manufacture, service and repair the radiological devices that enable unprecedented precision in imaging.

At Innovatus Imaging, we see beyond the here and now, and it fuels our innovation. Like MRI coil, ultrasound probe and CR system repair, and innovative new devices, such as specialty ultrasound probes.

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MRI Coils

Proven. Documented. Certified.

Innovatus Imaging is ISO-13485 certified to repair MRI coils. Leveraging a legacy as a manufacturer and more than 20 years of multi vendor coil repair experience, we constantly expand our capabilities through research and development.

That means our highly trained technicians can apply this unmatched level of expertise to repair and return products in a timely and efficient manner.

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Ultrasound Probes

Health care professionals place a high degree of trust in Innovatus Imaging for their repair needs, and for good reason.

We are ISO-13485 certified to repair ultrasound probes.  Applying the knowledge acquired as a specialty ultrasound probe manufacturer to multi vendor repair, Innovatus is uniquely qualified to deliver trusted and verifiable repair solutions to health care professionals.

From beginning to end. Unmatched knowledge. Engineering piece of mind.

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Field Service

In health care, there's no time for down time.

Innovatus Imaging provides a full suite of field service offerings for CR systems and dry film printers.

Preventive maintenance. Emergency response. Reliable technical support.

Customizable options, all aimed at keeping you – and your equipment – up and running.

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To see beyond, medical professionals need to see clearly.

In the radiology suite, that means relying on devices such as the MVi-DR Digital Radiography solution from Innovatus Imaging. Optimize your workflow with clear, crisp, reliable images delivered faster than before.

And that's just the beginning.

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Design & Manufacturing

Innovatus Imaging maintains an FDA-registered site for the design and manufacturing of specialty ultrasound probes.

Life-cycle expertise – from design, development and manufacturing to sales, distribution and repair.

At Innovatus, this is just some of what sets us apart. It also sets the stage for the next chapter in imaging devices, all aimed at helping medical professionals to diagnose and treat disease.

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Experience that spans the life cycle of imaging devices.
Unparalleled results in device repair.
A commitment to constant innovation.

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