It’s a given that your service team needs ongoing, specialized in-depth training on maintaining and troubleshooting the devices you have in your imaging departments.

Below are some resources to help you maximize the lifecycle of your imaging devices.

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Technical Content

Troubleshooting Philips X5-1 Performance Issues

Ultrasound Maintenance and Imaging Artifacts

Assessment Guide

Visual Inspection Guides

The Standard Probe Visual Inspection Guide provides examples of minor issues that can quickly progress into major failures if not addressed in a timely manner.

Minimze costs through prevention and early detection
Use it as an educational tool for new team members
Partner with your sonographers and post this guide in each exam room

Available in hard copy by request: Click Here

Checklists, Whitepapers, and Reports

Sometimes the soft training, training on strategies and processes for lowering your costs, optimizing performance, and managing ROI is missed. From years of experience, we’ve discovered that employing this skill set often pays off the most for long-term savings, ownership costs and maximizing uptime.

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Photo of a sonographer applying gel to a probe

Data-Driven Repair and Your Bottom Line

The right service partner can relieve today’s pressure

Turn-around time will always be a critical issue

6 Standards to Expect From EVERY Probe Repair Provider

5 Questions to Ask Before Your Next Coil Repair

Key Questions to Ask
EVERY Repair Provider

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