The Road Less Traveled

Years ago, our founders paved a new path for probe repair and manufacturing by developing technology and processes no one had heard of before, let alone applied.  Many in the industry then, and today, don’t understand the full rationale behind all of the testing, processes and instruments we use to produce world class ultrasound probe repairs which perform as the OEM intended and are designed for maximum longevity. Many ultrasound probe repair providers choose to not take the road less traveled due to the expertise needed and the associated cost of entry.

You’re left with quick-fixes and economy-based repairs versus sustainable solutions designed to restore your product’s lifecycle.

We’d like to encourage you to further develop and refine your knowledge of probe repair processes that increase sustainability while lowering cost of ownership, We think that you’ll come to realize that the technology journey we take for repairs, as a result of the tandem efforts by our manufacturing and repair facilities, is what leads to the ultimate goal imaging professionals seek –  reliable, sustainable and affordable repairs

When vetting out partners to repair and maintain your valuable probe inventories, it’s important to know how manufacturing and repair facilities work in tandem to inform one another and produce processes that deliver the performance and results needed for you to deliver safe and effective patient care.

Consider the following:

As an FDA registered transducer manufacturer, we utilize very sophisticated instruments for the design, manufacturing, and verifications and validations of finished ultrasound transducers and transducer arrays. We apply the majority of these instruments and processes to our engineering and implement solutions for probe repair.  

Let’s discuss just a few of the devices we use for both repair and manufacturing. 

Acoustic Intensity Measurement System

AIMS and Hydrophone systems

The first device is an Acoustic Intensity Measurement System. This device allows us to map acoustic fields, measure acoustic power, focal areas, and a host of other acoustic measurements. The purpose is to ensure a transducer or transducer array performs as intended.  This helps to assure proper function, accuracy and safety for patients.

Pulse Echo Tester

Pulse Echo tester at our world class ultrasound probe repair facility

When an array is manufactured, we test every element to ensure it’s performing as intended in the Design History File. One tool used is a custom designed and manufactured Pulse Echo Tester. This robotic device pulses each element. Pulses are then measured by a hydrophone also designed and built by Innovatus Imaging engineers. This ensures consistency and accuracy across the entire aperture of the array.

Cable Stress Tester

When we think of cables, we typically believe they are just a conduit for signals or voltages and current.

Have you ever thought about the complexity of an ultrasound cable?

There are many variables to consider including characteristic impedance, resistance, capacitance, materials and even length, diameter and jacket color. Once you have engineered a cable, you need to ensure that it will perform as intended mechanically. We stress test our cables, cable jackets and strain reliefs to ensure performance and longevity. We use yet another custom designed and manufactured device we affectionately call Tic-Toc. This machine oscillates a probe 180 degrees while twisting the cable 90 degrees in opposite directions and counts each cycle. This allows us to verify and quantify the durability of our materials and assemblies. See this device in action HERE

World Class Ultrasound Probe Repair Facility

Where does this path of technology and engineering lead next? To our state-of-the-art world class ultrasound probe repair center in Tulsa, OK. Thousands of probes per year are repaired and returned providing you and your customer’s with additional years of service. To date, we’ve repaired well over 170,000 ultrasound probes (just since 2000). Beyond the technology featured above, Innovatus Imaging continues to choose the road less traveled. Ongoing  research and testing help us continually develop new technologies to make a positive difference for the quality and longevity of probe repair.  I personally invite you to take an Innovatus Imaging “Technology Journey” tour. Whether through video or in-person, you can see more of what’s behind the repairs we perform that are proven to extend the life of the probes we service.

World class ultrasound probe repair facility in Tulsa, OK

No other repair provider provides this level of access

We can set up a time to provide you and your team with a live private virtual tour of our repair facilities. Visit our world class ultrasound probe repair facility from your location. View repairs taking place and ask our team questions on the spot! Observe our repair processes, the disassembly/reassembly area, the wiring line, and quality control. No other ultrasound probe or MRI coil repair provider offers this level of access. Reach out to for more information.

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