Technology Matters Video

Technology Matters

Ultrasound transducer longevity, performance and ROI come down to one critical difference: Technology Matters

Companies, or departments, with a growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset focused on the status quo are the ones that not only survive challenging times, they come out ahead and often stay there indefinitely. For healthcare providers and clinical engineering departments, the difference between growth and stagnation often comes down to The Technology Behind Your Devices.

We invite you to view the following video to see for yourself how the right technology delivers sustainable repairs that lower the cost of ownership and enable departments to grow through highly efficient operations and inventory management.  At Innovatus, we have invested and developed the advanced technology for optimal performance, and safe and effective repairs that align with the OEM intended design and are excited to take you on a brief Technology Journey.

As you discover what happens at our Centers of Excellence for Design, Manufacturing and Engineering, and Ultrasound Repair, you will see for yourself how our partners and clients are optimizing operational efficiencies and setting up for long-term growth.

Our proprietary technology from our Centers of Excellence allows Clinical Engineering and imaging departments such as yours to improve efficiencies and maintain the kind of timely and quality patient care needed to manage current workloads and prepare for profitable futures.

For questions on how we can help you move beyond the status quo to grow your department’s efficiencies and margins, call us 844-687-5100 and if you are in either the Tulsa or Denver areas and are interested in seeing, firsthand, how Technology Matters, please reach out and we can discuss arranging a visit.

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