MRI Coil testing at Innovatus Imaging

With a legacy in MRI coil manufacturing, Innovatus Imaging has the expertise, experience, and talent needed to provide you with accurate, comprehensive, and holistic repair solutions. Who is more qualified to restore your coil to the OEM intended design other than those with a history of designing, manufacturing, and currently serving as an OEM repair center?

That’s right…no one.

You may be surprised to learn, that during the design phase of MRI coil development, that the scanner is seldom, if even, used. Engineers design a coil to meet a very well-defined set of specifications. The specifications are verified and validated using custom test fixtures that mimic the manners in which a scanner manipulates the coil. Once the coil’s inputs and outputs are verified and validated, it is THEN tested in the MRI environment.

Photo of multiple channels within an MRI coil

Based upon our legacy in MRI coil manufacturing, we take this approach in MRI coil repair. Our proprietary test devices allow us to thoroughly interrogate your device. Our teams are able to isolate and stress test individual channels to very accurately determine points of failure and root causes. Many times, there is more than one point of failure and sometimes the failures in one area affect performance in another.

Cable failures are also quickly isolated with our testing devices. We are able to actively monitor individual wires throughout the entire cable harness which easily identifies intermittencies and poor signal quality. Our cable solutions are robust in that our goal is to restore the ENTIRE cable harness’ performance…not just replace or splice a single wire. We have a team dedicated to rebuilding failed cables…eliminating costly replacements from the OEM (if they are even available). We take this same approach and analysis with flex coils as these are known to develop intermittencies in the underlying flex circuitry.

Take a minute to learn about the proprietary processes and see some of the test fixtures used in our Center of Excellence for MRI Coil Repair.

If your team, or your business leaders, would like a tour of our Center of Excellence for MRI Coil Repair, we welcome you in-person or we can arrange for a live, virtual tour. Either way, seeing is believing.

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