Many MRI coil failures are related to the cable. Photo of a taped cable

Many MRI coil failures are related to the cable. What to consider before your next MRI coil event

Did you know…More than 25% of all MRI coil failures are related to the cable yet most suppliers focus on repairing individual wires?

Here’s some things to think about before your next failure:

  • Repairing just one faulty wire may lead to a latent failure as multiple wires are likely compromised.
  • Most providers are equipped to do a quick fix, one wire at a time vs. performing a comprehensive diagnosis and a holistic solution.
  • Replacing a cable can be thousands of dollars more expensive than repairing a cable harness.
  • It IS possible to repair cables and the full cable harness, despite what many in the industry might think.

Knowing that many MRI coil failures are related to the cable…Here’s how Innovatus Imaging can help you optimize your coil operations:

  • Our proprietary testing methods fully identify failures with cables, electronics, flex-circuits, and more, enabling us to deliver timely solutions.
  • By repairing the entire cable harness instead of just one wire failure, we help optimize your coil life cycle, operations and ROI.
  • Our expertise covers more than 1000 models of coils and associated cables.
  • As a former MRI coil manufacturer, we repair coils for several OEMs based upon our deep understanding of the full device and track record for sustainable results. 
  • Our internal machining operations give us the ability to quickly fabricate the wiring and parts needed for your repair, assuring we can do virtually any repair in a timely and affordable manner.

Learn more about our MRI coil operations below

Cable replacements are a thing of the past with Innovatus Imaging’s cable repair capabilities

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