Brand New X5-1

Philips X5-1 X-change program

Announcing a radically new, cost-effective solution for the Philips X5-1. We recently highlighted our expanded testing and repair capabilities on the Philips X5-1 (iE33 and Epiq versions). Based on feedback from our customers, we are offering yet-another industry-changing solution for this highly popular probe model.

Although we have great repair capabilities on the Philips X5-1, there can be challenges with a repair and return model that affect your efficiency and department workflow.  To help you and your echo departments maintain patient throughput, we’ve developed a quick, simple and cost-effective solution.

X-change your damaged X5-1 (CX/Epiq version) for a factory-new probe for only $8,999. As with all exchange programs, your defective probe will need to be returned to us. There’s more. Your core does NOT have to be repairable. There’s no risk of core charges or post-transaction mark-ups. $8,999 does it all, no questions asked*. Your echo department can resume patient studies next-day and maintain optimal workflow.

  • Quick, no-hassle transaction
  • No loaner to manage
  • Save on shipping
  • Factory-new probe
  • No core charges
  • 1 call, that’s all

For more information, pricing or to arrange for your X-change, contact our customer care team at 844-687-5100 or click here to email. See our published list of 100+ fully repairable probe models here and the other 300+ models on which we have significant capabilities here.

Ultrasound probe technology has significantly advanced over the last few years. Be sure to partner with a service provider who has advanced along with the technology you support. 


*This offer is not open to dealers, brokers or other third-party service or repair providers. It is only open to direct customers of Innovatus Imaging and is valid for the CX/Epiq version. It is also only valid for up-front exchanges only. Not valid for probes sent-in using the repair and return model.

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