What is ISO 13485, why is it important and why is it such a popular topic now?

Find out Wednesday, November 20th at 2pm on TechNation’s Webinar Wednesday.

Practical applications of ISO 13485

Join Dennis Wulf, Founder and Chairman of Innovatus Imaging as he presents a working understanding of what this quality certification means, why it matters for healthcare facilities and what to expect from repair providers that are ISO 13485 certified and those that are not.

Attendees will learn how ISO 13485 sets forth protocols and standards for:

  • Handling complaints
  • Executing corrective procedures
  • Documenting repair procedures
  • Qualifying sources for materials and suppliers
  • Testing procedures for validating compliance and performance expectations

Dennis has more than 35 years of experience working with medical devices specializing in ultrasound. He was the owner and president of Tulsa-based Wetsco, a leading third-party ultrasound probe repair provider specializing in repair and capability development on standard, TEE and 3D/4D probes. Wetsco had an exclusive agreement with Bayer Multi Vendor Service since 2008. Dennis also co-founded MD Medtech, with CTO Mike Labree, and together, the 3 companies formed Innovatus Imaging. Dennis has led successful development of ultrasound imaging of metals and composites using medical ultrasound hardware with proprietary software and unique probe designs.

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