Sports car with flat tire

Under Pressure

Sports car with flat tire

Here’s how the right service partner and repair processes can relieve today’s pressure and take your efforts to a higher-level tomorrow.

When you feel like pressure is pushing down on you from old challenges you’re used to and new pressures no one ever asks for, there are ways to let relief and rise above. See below a list of processes and deliverables fine-tuned over decades by Innovatus Imaging that not only relieve pressure but keep internal clients happy and patients served on-demand.


We don’t believe in quick fixes. We do believe in rapid, reliable repairs. For decades, our engineers and leaders, who have pioneered new technologies and processes, have created proprietary systems for getting ultrasound probes and MRI coils to our experienced technicians quickly and back to you in as little as 3-days. Our systems are built around proven manufacturing processes, that enable us to restore your products to their original intended design accurately the first time, holistically assessing the entire device to identify any imminent issues, and returning it to you in optimum condition. Because of the processes in-place that enable reliable, rapid repairs, many of our clients don’t require loaners, but for those that do, most times we have them covered.


Because loaner availability is the first need our clients seek to fill when their device goes down, our leaders invested millions of dollars in building a vast loaner inventory of ultrasound probes and MRI coils. Our loaners cover hundreds of makes and models and can be delivered next morning. Our website contains links to lists of the makes and models we support and most often have in our loaner inventory. For questions or to request a device, please call us at 844-687-5100.


Something as simple as learning how to transport a probe or coil from one location to another or selecting the right chemical disinfectant can make a difference worth thousands of dollars to your department’s bottom line and ability to serve patients on-demand. We offer short but powerful training programs, for qualifying clients, to help their teams better process, manage, and care for all types of ultrasound probes and MRI coils. Clients implementing recommendations from our Failure Mitigation Training have lowered their failure rates by 50% and service costs by 44% in just months.


Because of our depth of experience and our loaner inventory, we deliver much more than high-quality, rapid and reliable repairs. We prepare customized inventory management plans to make sure you optimize your inventory investment, total cost of ownership, performance standards, and workflow needs. Our leaders have extensive experience helping imaging departments of all sizes extend the lifecycles of devices, mitigate catastrophic failures, and optimize inventory investments for years. Call us to talk with industry veterans Matt Tomory, Cam Conklin, Ted Lucidi and more.


First time fix rates matter. We have invested in the right people, the right technology and the right testing capabilities to assure that our technological processes continue to be best-in-industry while delivering the best possible outcomes to restore safety and efficacy. Our ISO 13485:2016 quality management system enables a 6-month warranty period on all MRI coils, TEE and 3D/4D probes and no other provider offers a 12-month warranty on ALL standard probes. Our clients praise us for our speed, quality, comprehensive assessments and preventive services – all of which create reliability you can count on. Again and again!

Discover what industry-leading technology can do for your bottom line.

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