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4 solutions for addressing a common failure with imaging devices

What’s really behind your imaging device failure? While it’s pretty clear when your imaging system is not working accurately, it’s not always clear why. To get a full understanding of the problem, you need to do more than kick the tires. By opening the hood so to speak, doing some troubleshooting, and running some diagnostics, you may often find the problem is not what you first thought. Below are solutions for a common failure with imaging devices.

The key to identifying the true root cause of most problems is using data to help verify the problem and developing a solution. Innovatus takes this approach to repair your device. Our processes result in comprehensive, holistic solutions designed to turn back time, virtually resetting your device’s lifecycle and increasing overall value.

With a history spanning over 30-years, a legacy as an MRI coil manufacturer, and a current FDA-registered manufacturer of ultrasound probes, Innovatus Imaging has decades of failure analysis data which are applied to proprietary processes for all levels of repair.

Whether your responsibilities include support of ultrasound probes or MRI coils, we’ve created checklists to help you address a common failure that may be what’s really behind your imaging device failure.

From guides on How to Perform QC Testing to Visual Inspection Guides, Browse our library of educational briefs and checklists to help you better understand device failures, and what to look for when seeking sustainable repairs.

It’s a given that your service team needs ongoing, specialized in-depth training on maintaining and troubleshooting the devices you have in your imaging departments. We’re here to help.

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