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Repair Options To Fit Your Service Model

You have repair options for your ultrasound probes and MRI coils with Innovatus Imaging. Although our goal is to fully restore your product’s performance, safety and appearance. Sometimes, all you want is a more basic repair. We’d like to actually reset your device’s lifecycle and provide long-term value. But, we understand that short-term costs may be of concern.

You have choices, and so do we. Some examples of what we consider definite requirements for any repair are below. Any component that affects the device’s function or safety NEEDS to be addressed properly.

  • Example 1: Even though a client sent-in a probe for JUST a lens failure, if there are intermittent wires in the cable harness, they need to be repaired.
  • Example 2: Even though a device is sent in for JUST a strain relief replacement, we’ll recommend that the cable sheathing be replaced if it is overly stiff from chemical exposure. There’s no use in installing a soft, flexible strain relief on a stiff cable. The strain relief will fail in the short-term, and the underlying wiring will develop intermittencies.
  • Example 3: Cuts and breaks to the physical integrity of the cable sheathing MUST be addressed properly. Merely using adhesive to patch or splice cable sheathing is a temporary solution. One that WILL fail in the short-term. Our teams will never recommend or warrant this type of repair solution, but may be able to accommodate upon request.
  • Example 4: Strain reliefs will NOT be patched or glued in-place using a permanent adhesive. The purpose of the strain relief is to protect the delicate wires in the wiring harness. They need to be flexible. Using an adhesive to stabilize or re-glue a strain relief can lead to additional stress on an already stressed component. We will always choose to REPLACE a strain relief.
  • Example 5: If JUST ONE wire is broken or intermittent, we will address ALL of the wires in the wiring harness or system cable. We also won’t splice or patch wires. Any wiring failure will be addressed in its entirety to remove the potential of other worn or degraded areas.

Upon your product’s evaluation, our Customer Care team will present you with several repair options, if available. While we do want to address your product’s reported failure, we will not compromise on performance or patient/user safety. Sometimes this does limit the options presented. If you have specific requests, please let our team know.

Whether an MRI coil or an ultrasound probe, below are lists of options for each device type.

Ultrasound Probes

Repair & Return:

Traditional depot-based repair model that utilizes a finished-goods loaner (when available) to maintain customer uptime.

  • Benefits: Serial number consistency is maintained, Able to select minimal repair options (if available).
  • Risks: Only the repaired components are warranted


Enhancement of the Repair & Return model that enables a client to keep the finished-goods loaner for the cost of repair (versus the market exchange price). Available on repairable probe models for which a loaner has been provided.

  • Benefits: Full, tip-to-tail warranty coverage, Lower costs than market exchange, Less admin time, Reduced shipping costs, No risk of damaged loaner
  • Risks: None
  • Learn more about RapidRestore HERE


Repairs to Philips X7-2t and X8-2t TEE probes in about 2-days. We have a proprietary system in place to get these probe models back in your hands in record time. You may not even need a loaner to maintain uptime, but we have them if needed.


A comprehensive consultative program designed to help customers significantly reduce TEE probe failure rates and failure severity. Yes! We can help. Learn more HERE

Variety of ultrasound probes

MRI Coils

Essential Repair:

Restores uptime quickly by focusing on safety and functionality. Provides rapid turn-times to get a coil back in service. Includes electrical repair and minor mechanical repairs.

  • When to choose: Uptime is critical and cost constraints

Restorative Repair:

Restores not only functionality and safety, but also returns a coil to like-new condition by addressing cosmetics.  Performance will be consistent with an OEM replacement. Appearance can be consistent with an OEM replacement based upon options selected*

  • When to choose: When major mechanical and physical damage are present, and aesthetics are important.

System Cable Repair:

Fabrication of a new system cable for your MRI coil. No need to send in the entire coil, just the cable. We’ll utilize the hardware but replace every thing else.

Expedited Repair:

For a slight additional fee, the repair of a coil can be prioritized and completed within 1.5 – 2 days (addressing functional problems only). Mechanical repairs would delay expediting due to material cure times

Proprietary Parts:

Additional charges apply for items such as mechanical part fabrication, Full re-foaming, and system cable fabrication, but your MRI coil can perform AND look like-new.

Variety of MRI coils

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