MRI Coil Failure Analysis

Webinar Wednesday: Sept. 28, 2020

MRI Coils: Failure Analysis and Strategies to Minimize Support Costs

At Innovatus, we track and trend most everything. For this session, We’ve compiled failure analysis data from over 3600 MRI coil repairs from the last 2-years. We’ll be reviewing root cause and failure mode data from our top-10 most popular coil models so that you can gain insight into minimizing common failures. We’ll show how this data relates to your inventory and present some quick troubleshooting techniques so that costly repairs can be minimized. We’ll have experts from our coil operations ready to address your specific questions.

  • Brief overview of MRI coils
  • Methodology
  • Root cause analysis of our top-10 coil models
  • Crunching the numbers
  • Relating our data to your inventory
  • 6-Strategies to minimize failures and support costs
Expected outcomes
  • Understand frequent modes of failure
  • Determine best practices for troubleshooting coil problems
  • Develop a strategy to reduce support costs and downtime

Join Ted Lucidi and Nate Barczykowski at 2pm on Wednesday, September 28th in partnership with TechNation

You and your team will benefit from the information in this session. Your uptime, budget, and most importantly, your customers and patients, will thank you.

This session is eligible for 1 credit from the ACI
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