We’ll see you at the Florida Biomedical Symposium

Headed to the Florida Biomedical Symposium? We hope to see you there.

Don’t close out on 2019 yet. Even though the year’s coming to a close, learn how our team of experts can help you stay within budget and improve your customer experience with ultrasound transducers, MRI coils and radiography devices.

Innovatus #Imaging is the ONLY provider that publishes a list of fully repairable ultrasound transducers which spans the top 100+ most popular models. You and your customers know, up-front, that your probe CAN BE REPAIRED. We also have a 99.9% repair rate across 800+ models of MRI coils. Still supporting CR systems? We can help with full support or bandwidth augmentation for your Fuji, Agfa and Carestream systems.

Our vast breadth of capabilities, proprietary repair processes, unique methodologies and exclusive programs for #ultrasound transducers, #mri coils and #radiography devices are all backed by the industry’s longest warranty periods. Join James Ashbaugh and Ted Lucidi, CBET at booth 518 during exhibit hall hours or schedule a private meeting at your convenience. www.fbsonline.net

Florida Biomedical Society

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