Gauges and Warning Lights

Early Warning Systems

Gauges and Warning Lights

Our cars warn us when our engine is cold, fuel tank near empty, tire pressure is low, and more. And we typically have plenty of time to fix the problem before we experience a catastrophic failure. Unfortunately, ultrasound probes and MRI coils were not built with the same early warning systems. We sometimes don’t know we have an image, temperature, safety or other problem until the device is inoperable and has to be sent away for repair or worse, replaced.

To ease the burden of parked devices, we have been fine tuning the processes of rapid, reliable repairs around the same standards that drive our manufacturing processes to assure your imaging department is operating at full throttle, even when those untimely failures occur. These include:

  • RapidRepair programs for Philips X7 and X8 TEE probes which get your probes in and out in 3-days or less
  • A vast loaner inventory available at no-charge, with next-day delivery in most cases
  • Preventative maintenance programs to help identify little issues before they progress and often result in dramatically more expensive repairs

If you know what to look for, ultrasound probes can give and indication that it’s time for service. Check out our visual inspection guides that serve as an early warning system and help to reduce the frequency and cost of catastrophic repairs. You can maximize cost mitigation through inspection and early prevention.

View our list of repairable probe models, our loaner inventory, and chat with our support team about a personalized quote so you can start getting back up when your devices go down. 

You can Take a virtual tour our Tulsa and Denver Centers of Excellence and see for yourself the level of detail your probes undergo with an Innovatus repair.