MRI Coil Repair

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Invivo MRI Coil

Innovatus Imaging has comprehensive repair capabilities on almost 200 MRI coils manufactured by Invivo. Performance, function, and safety are fully assessed top-to-bottom, so there are no surprises later-on, providing peace of mind. All repairs are completed consistent with OEM design, completed in a matter of days, and covered by a 6-month warranty, which is one of the longest in the industry.

The team at Innovatus Imaging has been restoring MRI coil performance for over 30-years and we have capabilities on over 1000 models. Over 35,000 coil repairs have been performed in-house, by OUR technicians, using OUR proven methodologies, under the guidance of an ISO 13485:2016 certified QMS. Contact us for comprehensive solutions for your Invivo MRI coil. Email or call 844-687-5100 to arrange for your solution today.

Innovatus Imaging can help you optimize your coil operations: 

  • Our proprietary testing methods fully identify failures with cables, electronics, flex-circuits, and more, enabling us to deliver timely solutions.
  • By repairing the entire cable harness instead of just one wire failure, we help optimize your coil life cycle, operations and ROI.
  • Our expertise covers more than 1000 models of coils and associated cables.
  • As a former MRI coil manufacturer, we repair coils for several OEMs based upon our deep understanding of the full device and track record for sustainable results. 
  • Our internal machining operations give us the ability to quickly fabricate the wiring and parts needed for your repair, assuring we can do virtually any repair in a timely and affordable manner.

Keep on delivering the best possible outcomes by trusting the experts at Innovatus Imaging.

Email or call 844-687-5100 to arrange for your solution today.

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