Avoiding Big Failures Without Big Expenses with 4 Easy Steps

When TEE probes fail, they fail hard, and you’d be surprised to learn that much of the damage can be considered fully-preventable. The best way to avoid costly TEE probe damage is to address the root causes, the times and the locations when and where they occur.

Join Ted Lucidi, CBET as he shares “Avoiding Big Failures Without Big Expenses with 4 Easy Steps” at MD Expo next month. On Wednesday, April 22, at 10am. He’ll be giving a “Ted-Talk” presenting proven methods to reducing frequency, severity and overall costs of supporting TEE probes.

Avoid Big Failures with Ted Lucidi

He’ll walk you through the strategy and process established in 2009 which resulted in our pilot customer reducing catastrophic failure rates 81%. It’s easier than you’d think and he’ll be making YOU the expert.

You will learn:

  • How, when, where and why TEE probes fail
  • Root causes from a clinical point of view
  • How to develop a plan PROVEN to get results
  • Valuable tools to make YOU the expert and help your SUCCEED

Bypass the finger pointing and the “he said, she said” and learn what to look for and the little changes that can be made to everyday processes that make a huge impact. Here’s a link to my session details so you can add it to your calendar.

Not attending MD Expo? Just reach out via email so we can discuss the content of this session 1-on-1 after the Expo.

Stop by Booth 502 to get a poster that covers all of the points in the session. It includes a visual inspection guide that can be posted in strategic areas to keep best practices top-of-mind.

Experience how a repair performed with longevity and sustainability can significantly increase your ROI here.

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