Testing Methods

Performing high-quality probe and MRI coil repairs is just one step toward sustainability and longevity for the mission critical imaging devices you and your team manage and operate daily.  

Testing that goes along with each repair is just as critical, especially when you are dealing with the intricacies of minute wires and systems inherent in both ultrasound probes and MRI coils. Here’s just a few of testing processes you should look for in the repair processes or you order for all your ultrasound probe repair and MRI coil repair needs.

  1. Holistic Testing:  One repair often leads to another.  Quite often, working parts of as device can be disrupted during a repair that can cause new issues.  If testing is not done as part of the repair protocol, you won’t know about a new issue until its too late and you have to send your repaired probe right back. Testing all parts of a probe before returning adds little time to the process but can add a lot uptime back to your operations.
  2. Chemical Testing:  Cleaning solutions are not equal and some can actually cause new damage and accelerate deterioration of rubber seals and other soft parts of a probe.   It is essential that your probe repair provider test cleaning solutions, including those recommended by OEM’s, to assure that no damage is likely to occur during cleaning during the repair. Getting a list of chemical solutions that tested out to be safe is critical as well so you team can maintain your probe repairs and extend the life of each device accordingly.
  3. Modular Testing: It’s a given that it is important to test the given repair to assure it was performed accurately.  What’s not always a given, or completed, is modular testing.  Modular testing on a probe or MRI coil involves breaking down each section of the device and testing each component separately to assure all is working as planned, and to identify any areas at risk of imminent failure. Taking the time to do this assures a sustainable repair and can give you more years of each device. 

Engineers at Innovatus Imaging’s Centers of Excellence for Ultrasound Probe Repair and MRI Coil Repair perform these and other tests to assure that all repairs meet the highest quality standards, including those set forth in our ISO 13845:2016 certification, and those established by our own proprietary probe and coil repair processes that set us apart as Centers of Excellence for sustainability, optimum performance, and ROI.