Sources Matter

One of the key questions to ask every provider that can make or break the quality and sustainability of your probe repair or MRI coil repair is, “Where do you get your replacement parts?”

The quality of replacement parts is integral to the success of any repair.  Most customers of repair services assume that replacement parts used for their devices are new, but in many cases, this is not the case, especially repairs that come with a low-price or quick-fix promise.

Unknown to many customers is the fact that many replacement parts, such as cables, are actually harvested from products that are no longer in operation.  Often times, these harvested cables have been repaired, shortened or spliced together multiple times which can result in a short-term fix vs. a long-term solution. It’s important to ask repair providers where their replacement parts come from. Simply ask if parts are fabricated specifically for a unique model, or if they are harvested from used products.  You should also ask how parts are qualified to assure that they will function properly and enable your device to perform as originally intended. Leading partners often build or manufacture their own replacement parts which are based upon Gold Standard Benchmarking in order to replicate the original parts as closely as possible.

At Innovatus Imaging, cables are mechanically tested to determine how many times they can bend before compromising performance quality.  In fact, we have a testing device that enables us to test just how many times a given cable can bend before it starts to show stress that could impact diagnostic clarity.   Finding out how your supplier qualifies and selects parts is key to knowing if you are getting a quick-fix or a sustainable repair. When choosing partners for probe repair, MRI coil repair of any type, make sure you know where replacement parts are sourced, if they are harvested or built to specification so you can truly know if your repair is sustainable for the long-term or just another short-term fix with short-term gain.