Ready to Assist You During the COVID-19 Crisis

We know you have heard from many business partners and suppliers about heightened safety protocols and business continuity plans as we continue to face the threat of Covid-19 throughout our communities. Foremost, we want to reaffirm that Innovatus Imaging is fully operational and has the resources to continue to operate in full capacity during this time. 

Our customer care team is working from home and our repair teams have expanded their footprint to permit workplace distancing. Teams are actively cleaning work spaces and high-touch areas as well as maintaining strong hygiene practices. Our leadership teams continue to work on-site to ensure continued operations and to assist those employees remaining on-site. During this incident, it is the goal of Innovatus Imaging to operate effectively and ensure that all essential services are continuously provided to the health care industry and that its employees remain healthy and safe.

Innovatus Imaging continues to be very well prepared to support our customers’ needs and our teams stand ready to support you throughout this rapidly changing situation. As needs arise, our customer care team can be reached at 844-687-5100, or here

We want to express our sincere gratitude to all of those in the healthcare setting who continue to persevere and assist those in need.

Like Bernard Williams says about the human spirit, “We are resilient, and we will rise together”.