Rapid Repair

Announcing the Expansion of Rapid Repair Program

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We’re pleased to announce the expansion of our Rapid Repair program which began April 2019 and provided 5-day worst-case repair times for the Philips X7 and X8-2t TEE probes.  “We’ve invested millions in improving infrastructure and staff, accelerating our training programs, increasing efficiencies, and developing additional proprietary processes,” says Matt Tomory.

“Our updated processes enable devices to be evaluated, repaired, tested, and returned in the most efficient manners possible and are key to our customers maintaining workflow, high-quality patient care, and the financial bottom line.

RapidRepair for MRI coils will be executed at our MRI Center of Excellence in Pittsburgh and ultrasound probes at the Ultrasound Center of Excellence in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

RapidRepair allows us to get the most popular makes and models of ultrasound probes and MRI coils back to technologists faster than ever before, while remaining consistent with OEM design.”

Moving forward, you can expect increased efficiency while maintaining the same high-level of quality that you expect from Innovatus Imaging. We are the only repair provider offering a 12-month warranty on ALL standard probes.  Specialty probes and MRI coils are backed by a 6-month warranty.

Call our customer care team at 844-687-5100 to arrange for your RapidRepair today or click below.