Join Innovatus Imaging at ICE 2019

MRI Coils: Troubleshooting and Minimizing Common Failures

Join Ted Lucidi as he shares MRI COILS: Troubleshooting and Minimizing Common Failures. Imaging Conference and Expo in Clearwater, Florida later this month.

Did you know, the best way to avoid MRI coil damage, failures and costly repairs is to know what makes them break in the first place. You might be surprised.

On February 19, Ted will be presenting historical and statistical failure analysis data for the Top 12 MRI coil models. He’ll provides the evidence you need to know about what makes a coil break or fail to perform as intended.

I’ll also walk you through:

  • Analysis of common modes of failures.
  • Evidence Based Repair standards and methodologies.
  • Interventional strategies to avoid catastrophic failures that can seriously affect your budget and harm your patient experience.
  • Troubleshooting tips to help you avoid costly repairs

Stop by Booth 301 to get a copy of Ted’s session and a brief about our EBR – evidence based repair approach. It’s proven to save thousands of dollars a year for imaging departments.