Full Repair Capabilities On Additional Ultrasound Probe Models

Excited to let you know that this week, Innovatus Imaging, added three additional probe models to our list of 100% repairable ultrasound probes. We now have more than 100 probe models for which we offer full repair capabilities AND that qualify for our exclusive “swap-at-the-repair price” program, TotalRepair, that we pioneered in 2008.

Our newest probe models are:

  • Philips L12-3 for the Epiq/Affiniti/CX
  • The GE M5s-D and
  • GE C1-6-D for the E-Series platforms

These models are among the most popular linear, cardiac and abdominal probes in the respective OEMs’ current fleets which is why we are making it a top priority to offer 100% repair capabilities in a timely and affordable manner. All of our 100% Repair Capability services are covered by our exclusive “Swap at the Repair Price” program which adds value you cannot find from other suppliers.  These values include:

  • Confidence in knowing, up-front, that your probe is repairable
  • Flexibility in choosing to either have your probe repaired or swapped for our like-new loaner for the same price, and
  • Security in experiencing a repair model that can sustain a 12-month warranty, longer than any other in the industry

Browse our full list of 100% repairable probes HERE:

Just because your probe may not be on the list, doesn’t mean that we aren’t able to restore it to its original form, fit and function. We just aren’t at 100%. We have very significant repair capabilities on over 350 probe models, including the GE 6VT-D, Philips X5-1, X7-2t and X8-2t. All of our repairs are backed by the industry’s longest warranty periods,12-months for ALL standard probes and 6-months for all specialty probes, such as TEE and 3D.

Again, click HERE to view the current TotalRepair list or check out the full list of probes on which we offer repair/loaners HERE.

 We look forward to repairing your “unrepairable” probe.