Expanded Loaner Inventory Has You Covered 24/7

Expanded Loaner Inventory Has You Covered 24/7

We get how critical loaner inventory is to your business operations, clinicians and patients. So we’ve invested millions of dollars, just recently, to make sure you have what you need when you need it.  Our new loaner inventory covers hundreds of makes and models for probes and coils, and can be shipped same day in most cases.

Better yet.  You can apply for a reserved pool for the loaners you need, assuring they are available when you need them.  Call our Inventory Management Advisors at 844-687-5100 or just reply to this email to get qualifying details.

You can also browse our list of PROBE and MRI capabilities and loaners on our website to see just how much we have your back and operational needs covered.

In just the past few weeks, we’ve purchased hundreds of new loaners for clients like you and we’re not stopping anytime time soon.

Call us at 844-687-5100 or use our Mobile App 24/7 to reserve the loaner you need and keep your operations up no matter what goes down with your ultrasound and MRI scanners.


Cam Conklin
Global Customer Experience and Partnerships