What’s inside your MRI coil repair?

Do you really know what’s inside your MRI Coil Repair? You might be surprised, just like we were, with a recent coil we received. Take a look below at what our technicians recently found in a coil sent to us for repair.

Paperclip splicing wires together in an MRI Coil

Seeing this repair made us stop and wonder just how much our customers and imaging services partners know about what goes into a sustainable repair. We assure you it’s not a paper clip. Or duct tape, hot glue, staples, scotch tape. Yep. We’ve seen them all.

If you were to open up your MRI Coil repair and inspect it yourself, do you really know what you’d see?  

Let us show you what should be inside your next MRI coil repair. Our brief checklist of 5 critical steps for sustainable repairs outlines the in-depth and proven processes we take for each repair, all backed by our ISO 13485:2016 certification and our proprietary Evidence Based Repair methodologies developed over 25 years of manufacturing coils and even more repairing hundreds of makes and models.

Ask your current repair provider, “Are raw cables replaced or are they spliced?”. Replacing costs more, however; the longevity of the repair and life extension of the coil more than compensate for the extra money and help to lower the overall cost of ownership. Spliced cables can fail more often as they can separate over time, meaning more frequent repairs, more down time and potentially more performance issues.  Sustainable processes replace all raw cable harnesses versus splicing which results in higher first-time fix rates.  

Download our articles and whitepapers HERE which discuss what’s in OUR repairs and call us today to discuss “What’s Inside Your Repair.”