Up to 12 month warranty on all repairs

We believe loyalty goes both ways.

Starting today, when you entrust us to repair your probes and coils and restore them to their original intended performance, we will give you up to 12 month warranty on all repairs we perform, all of which are based upon EBR – evidence based repair – methodologies.

Here’s what you can expect:  

  • 12 month warranty on standard probe repairs
  • 6 month warranty on specialty probes (3D/4D & TEE) repairs
  • 6 month warranty on MRI coil repairs

This warranty offer has no minimum order requirement and won’t expire. It’s simply what you get with Innovatus Imaging. Our repairs are done onsite by our own specially trained team members, adding even more confidence to the sustainability of Innovatus Imaging repairs.  

Schedule your repair and request your loaner today by calling us at 844-687-5100 or replying to this email. With our recently expanded loaner inventory, we can get you back up and running better than ever.