For years, Dennis Wulf, CEO of Innovatus Imaging, has been building and leading successful businesses for ultrasound probe repair from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is also informing the future by providing his years of tactical and scientific insights with sonography students at a local university.

The Ultrasound School program operated by Innovatus Imaging is designed to help students have a hands-on experience in the real world, in real time, to more fully understand the critical nature and equipment issues associated with managing imaging device inventory which is essential to treating patients.

In addition, Ted Lucidi, clinical specialist and customer experience lead for Innovatus Imaging, has been teaching biomedical engineering technology (BET) students at Pennsylvania State University for the past 18 years, preparing them for careers as service engineers, both field-based and in-house, a position critical to enabling hospitals and clinics to maintain equipment uptime and quality which results in accurate and timely diagnoses.

Wulf and Lucidi will share insights from both Innovatus’ Ultrasound School and Lucidi’s medical equipment service course with attendees at MD Expo in Houston on April 13.  Wulf will discuss engineering elements of sustainable probe repairs, design standards and regulations critical for biomeds to understand, and Lucidi will follow with insights on how to manage short and long-term costs for probe inventories. 

Additionally, they will help attendees test their own probe knowledge about proper functionality of specific elements, failure modes, and how to assess damage that can result in clinical compromise throughout this interactive session.

“While we build our curriculum for our Ultrasound School around current issues and technologies students need to know, we find that current professionals are also in need of this knowledge,” says Wulf. “It is critical that professionals in our industry never quit learning as best practices for repair methodologies, inventory management, and device maintenance change frequently.  Educating the present and the future will always be a top priority for Innovatus Imaging.”

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