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Innovatus University-Elevating Your Expertise

Innovatus University was founded on the principles that students, healthcare staff, and HTM professionals are best served through live, hands-on, experiences in the real world, in real time, to more fully understand the critical nature and equipment issues associated with managing imaging devices which is essential to treating patients. Innovatus University-Elevating Your Expertise

Announcing Innovatus University

Staying ahead in the medical device field is all about staying informed and up to date on new developments, procedures, processes, and best-practices associated with current technology.

Although videos and prerecorded webinars are available, our sessions are designed to be live so that attendees can maximize their experience. Interact with our team, ask questions, and get the answers that are important to you NOW. Webinars typically span 1-hour, but there’s no limit. You can choose from our existing content or have our industry experts develop customized sessions for your team with MyTraining.

Current times are limiting many HTM organizations’ ability to effectively network with their members. Innovatus is actively sponsoring and hosting local and regional HTM meetings in our virtual classroom. Are you a member of or an officer in an HTM group? Are you or your members needing CEU’s for AAMI CBET or CRES certification or are you just wanting to build your HTM team’s knowledge base with Ultrasound, MRI, ISO 13485 and more?

Whether we provide the content or just the technology, we welcome the opportunity to work with you and your members. Take a few minutes to browse the courses offered by our experts from our Centers of Excellence.

Innovatus University-Elevate Your Expertise Innovatus University Virtual ClassRoom

If you’d like more information or have an interest in Innovatus University, reach out to or use the links in the courses.